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What Household Items Can Be Stored at a Storage Facility?

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  • Post last modified:March 24, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Storing Household Items at a Storage Facility

Have you ever found yourself running out of space in your home? Maybe you are moving to a new place or downsizing, or just need to declutter. In any case, renting a storage facility can be a great solution for storing your household items.

But what items can you store at a storage facility? Here is a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your storage space.

When Is It a Good Idea to Book a Storage Service?

If you have many personal items which you do not use every day but you will no longer have space for them when you move to the home you plan to, then before transporting everything to the new location, you may consider booking a self-storage for the items which you do not use on a daily basis and do not want to throw away.

Before you consider booking a storage service, it is a good idea to organize a garage sale and get rid of the items that you really do not want to use anymore. What is left unsold after that can be transported to a storage facility. Of course, it has to be packed well for this purpose. In order to deal with the packing yourself, you will need to wrap all the items and place them in boxes. When filling the boxes, place the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter ones on top so that nothing breaks down. Boxes of the same shape and size stack easily, so you better not use different boxes when packing.

Items which are most commonly stored in a self-storage facility

The most common items which our customers want to store are old books, CD and DVD collections, toys which are no longer used, furniture, mattresses, leather items, clothing, blankets, draperies, and mirrors. Cheap paintings and photo archives are also often stored in a self-storage. Many families also leave some of their appliances and lawn maintenance equipment (during the winter season when it is not in use) in a storage room.

Items which CANNOT be stored in a self-storage facility

Animal fur, gems and jewelry, works of art, expensive and irreplaceable items. Firearms explosives, flammables of any kind, even oil-based paint are not welcome, as well. Other substances which are forbidden are medication, drugs or drug paraphernalia, hazardous or stolen items, waste materials, or items which produce odors. As for storing your used tires, forget about that as well.


There are many household items that can be safely stored in a storage facility. Whether you’re storing furniture, clothing, electronics, sports equipment, or business inventory, a storage unit can provide a secure and cost-effective solution. Make sure you choose a reputable storage facility and properly prepare your items for storage to ensure they stay safe and protected.